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 What is DNA Theta Healing?


The term Theta is utilized in DNA or Theta 4 Level Belief Reprogramming as the practitioner goes into a Theta brainwave condition when carrying out the procedure.This has been confirmed by a number of experiments connected with scientists and practitioners of Theta Healing utilizing EEG machines to confirm that practitioners for Theta are actually gaining a Theta brainwave.

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One of the MOST IMPORTANT things you need in order to get answers you seek….is to be able to ask “THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!” An experienced Theta Healer can save you sessions and money, knowing exactly which questions to ask!  When doing Theta Healing, even one incorrect word can influence the effectiveness of the healing… I have 14 years of experience, and can get you to the issue at “mock speed!”

How Theta Brain Wave it Works

This is the condition of meditation, instinct, remembering, thinking creatively, dreamlike and transforming thoughts. It also lessens pain and triggers euphoria and triggers the release of endorphins.

Everyone experiences Theta Brain Wave just prior to waking up each morning; it is the condition in which you begin recalling your dreams and possibly when you are still dreaming and gradually emerge from the dream. Also, Theta Brain Wave is when you are just about to sleep. There is fascinating information relayed to you in this Brain Wave.

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Prior to Vianna Stibal developing the technique for Theta Healing, most people had a belief that it took between 20 and 30 years of practicing meditation to acquire a Theta brainwave.  However, when Vianna’s technique is utilized, practitioners can gain entry into a state of Theta brainwave in just a few seconds. The Theta brainwave condition leads to a close link with the creative origin of the world and a strong ability to operate with the subconscious.This enables practitioners for Theta Healing to have the ability to link with this energy and manifest instant, interesting physical alterations in their clients.

Have the courage to look inside yourself and feel deeply. Feeling deeply is empowering, enlightening, healing and can be transformational.

They are also able to perform quantum healing at the core level of their being. This is the place where Theta Brain Wave alters beliefs and they are downloaded into the person.The person acts similar to a computer and accepts the downloading of new software. The person gives the practitioner permission to extract past beliefs based on the four levels of Core Beliefs, History Beliefs, Genetic Beliefs and Soul Beliefs which were in their past lives and no longer useful to them.

The Strength of Theta Brain Waves

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Morning dawns and you wake up still half dreaming and try to recall its details. For a second, you still have the ability to cling to that great reality. You try to keep still, unblinking, to make it go on…Maybe you can be able to make this experience a reality.

Simultaneously, part of you wakes up. Outside, you hear the barking of dog, the starting of a neighbor’s car, and the streak of the sun’s rays come through the curtains.This just lasts for some seconds and then all of a sudden, it’s over. You are now wide awake. The reality of the dream drifts away and the memory of it grows dim and seems like just a distant memory.

In between those valuable moments between sleeping and waking up, your brainwaves are in theta. Our brain emits electrical frequencies, measured in hertz units which show how many cycles are there in one second.

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When we sleep deeply, the waves produced by our brain are very slow (delta) and between the period of waking and sleeping, the brain provides waves which are a bit fast known as theta at 4-7 cycles each second.When meditating or relaxing deeply, we take a walk in an exquisite garden, take a deep breath and close our eyes.

The brain transmits alpha waves (7-14) when fully active, and we concentrate on our work.A state of serious learning is normally thought of as high beta or at times called gamma waves (40 cycles each second). An optimal state is exhibited by our ability to effortlessly move from one frequency to a different one.This ability indicates mental flexibility and efficient functioning capacity in all areas of life.

DNA & Theta Healing: What Are They?


DNA is a common term – they are blocks that create who we are and it is because of our DNA that we look how we do and have the intelligence level that we do, etc. DNA is inherited and everyone is a combination of his or her family and ancestors. However, rather than just physical and psychological aspects, it is claimed that DNA affects our emotions and behaviors too, so likewise, our attitude and feelings are as they are because they were inherited.

Coming on to theta healing and what it exactly is.

Theta Healing is quantum physics which relates to the theta brain wave. Before now, it was believed that this brain wave can only be touched into via meditation or deep sleep. People who touch into this brain wave use connect with the Universe, the Energy of life, or even the Creator of Everything in order to reevaluate and alter their life via bodily and mental healing. Anyone who wishes to bring good change in their physical and emotional aspects of life,

Theta Healing is a wonderful concept.

The common benefits of Theta Healing are:

  1. Find out about your illnesses and the reason behind their existence
  2. Determine what mental and subconscious problems are keeping you from fully engaging in your life.
  3. Work to reprogram your mind in order to relieve yourself of illnesses
  4. Attain the changes in life that you want to attain to enjoy a happy, healthy life

Change your reality into something that you want, not something that you are stuck with.

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All together, DNA and Theta Healing form DNA Theta Healing, which is a concept of reprograming. You can reprogram your emotionally, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, hormonally, thereby reprograming your cells, your molecules, and your DNA itself.

The reason behind most physically diseases and illnesses occurring is due to an imbalance in our DNA, which takes a toll on our physical body thereby resulting in illnesses. So what is it that causes an imbalance in our DNA? The answer is our thoughts and beliefs that are permanent in our mind.

This very permanency of our thoughts and beliefs, this exact imbalance is what DNA Theta Healing touches upon to reprogram.

Anyone who practices DNA Theta Healing will remove or alter their beliefs in order to bring in better and more positive beliefs to change their life for the better.

Improvement, empowerment, and enhancement are terms that are aptly related to this practice. The truth that our subconscious mind hides about our imbalance, DNA Theta Healing brings it out, which is the first step of healing. So, to put in a definition, DNA Theta Healing or Theta Belief Reprogramming is the concept of using the Theta brain wave to get into our core limited beliefs in order to change them for better mental, physical, and spiritual health.



DNA Theta Healing was founded in 1995 by Vianna Stibal, who is a neurologist. She claimed that she was able to heal herself of cancer. Of course, this does not mean that DNA Theta Healing can cure cancer, but the hype started nonetheless. The thing about such “hypes”is that they tend to die down if false. But since 1995, the concept of Theta Belief Reprogramming has only expanded and now it has a vast following of believers and practitioners.

How to do theta healing – Introducing – 4 Levels of Beliefs
As we have already established, Theta Healing is reprograming of beliefs which then leads to multiple benefits. These beliefs are the main subject in this concept and rather than residing all at one place for a human being, they reside on 4 different levels. These levels of beliefs are categorized according to where they initiated from.


Core is the first level of beliefs and these are the permanent beliefs that we were taught in our childhood and understood them all the same. These core beliefs are extremely permanent, being almost sewn into our minds, because we learn them when our brains are in their best learning and adaptive stages. Mainly, it is our home environment (i.e. parents, family) that we take these core beliefs from unintentionally, or are taught about them intentionally. These beliefs reside in the body of our mentality.


These are the beliefs integrated in our DNA, coming from our line of ancestors, combining with both parental sides of ancestors’ beliefs to form our individual beliefs. Being genetic, these beliefs are found in our physical DNA, residing in the morphogenetic region of our minds.


The history level of beliefs is that which forms with time. Memories, experiences, events, deep genetic memory – and for those who believe – even past-life memories and beliefs – these are all factors that play a role in forming our beliefs in this level. Even past history experiences of our ancestors can affect these beliefs. This level of beliefs resides in the aura field of every individual.


Lastly, there is a level of soul beliefs. These beliefs come from who and what we are. These are beliefs that are not influenced by others but rather what we form from our own understanding and surroundings.

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These beliefs are not always positive; sometimes, they can be even more negative that those taught to us. Additionally, since they relate to our soul, they are beliefs that affect our entire being more so than the other levels.If our soul beliefs are integrated with sadness and negativity, it will influence our entire being, which is unhealthy.

These beliefs reside all over – even in our hearts.

These are the 4 levels of beliefs that Theta Healing works to alter via DNA activation and connection with the Theta brain wave. There are many resulting benefits of this kind of healing, which include physical, psychological, and self awareness benefits.

Main benefits include:

  • Physical
  • Continual DNA healing
  • Improves the immune system
  • Physical and emotional detoxification
  • Maintains light in your body
  • Release unconscious “blocks” in your body
  • Improved functions of nerves, skin, blood, lungs, and muscles
  • Makes you feel energetic
  • Enhances water intake desire
  • Purifies
  • Helps you eat less and eat better
  • Enhanced natural beauty, youthful looks
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Better eyesight
  • Psychological
  • Increased awareness
  • Better sense of knowledge
  • Self worth and trust enhancement
  • Better learning/remembering skills
  • Contentment
  • Increased ability to solve problems
  • Better judgment/decision-making
  • Clarity
  • Provides the ability to calculate your speech and language
  • Open up your hidden talents
  • Increased telepathy
  • Less fear and doubt
  • Removes or changes family/ancestral beliefs and patterns
  • Makes you more open to love
  • Increased will to accomplish goals
  • Establishes a positive connection with your soul and spirit

There are countless other benefits and result of DNA Theta Healing.All these benefits work along the same line: a better life for you.

Your connections are better, your sense of emotion is improved, you resolve problems easily, you are content with who you are – to put concisely, there is nothing in your mind, body, or soul that is blocked or restrained; you are a positie you to the fullest extent.

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