Dna Theta Healing

Happiness Is A Choice

Have you noticed no two days are “exactly” the same? In fact no two “moments” are exactly the same. This is because they hold life force potential of Universal unlimited energy of the Creator.

There by making “ALL things POSSIBLE.” There is one little catch….. you must believe it. Your mind believes your doubts and fears, and creates from the context of that framework.

This is where DNA Theta Healing comes in. There is a way, an ancient method, rediscovered here on our time. This method of recognizing those doubts, fears and limitations in your mind, and “choosing” to heal and change them, replacing them with Creator’s empowering, unlimited true understanding of the TRUTH.

Many people choose rather to try and ignore those feelings, they know are there, as to sweep them under the rug. Yes, you can this, and for as much as you like, even lifetimes, but not without repercussion, not punishment. Simply law of attraction. That which you believe even fear you attract. Therefore, better to unearth those feelings and fears you’ve buried, and trade them in. Let Creator replace them forever with loving positive healing feelings and beliefs.

NO JOB IS TOO BIG for CREATOR TO HANDLE! Creator’s love is unlimited and unending, and completely available for you now and ALL-WAYS! Experience it NOW! You can call and receive a FREE unconditional love healing from Creator, not me 🙂 no strings  attached. Everyone deserves and is worthy of knowing what Creator’s unconditional love feels like….

What is DNA Activation?

theta healing It is a scientific fact that the average human is completely incapable of unlocking their true potential and pushing their body to its true limit. For example, the average human has considerably more strength than is needed to lift a vehicle that weighs roughly one ton. However, the mind locks the body’s true potential, leaving humans incapable of demonstrating the true degree and extent of their strength. Likewise, the human mind also functions at only a small portion of the speed, efficiency and power that it could actually function on had its utmost potential been unlocked. It should not at all be hard for a person to believe that their true potential is locked, arguably for the better, by their DNA.

The basic blueprint of human life, DNA, is what inhibits humans from realizing their true potential. However, there is now a way which humans can use to activate their true potential by in point of fact changing the very basis of their being, their DNA. The process that can help a person expand their creative potential drastically, the process that can be used to achieve greatness by permanently altering a person’s DNA, is known as DNA activation.

Also sometimes referred to as theta healing or DNA theta healing, this process is used to activate the dormant strands of DNA that all humans have. While almost every person knows that every cell in the human body has 2 strands of double helix DNA, what most people do not know is that all humans also have 10 extra strands of DNA that have apparently been dormant for many centuries now. According to scientists, these extra strands of DNA contain codes and potential that, if unlocked, would enable humans to accomplish superhuman feats and do things that are widely considered to be impossible. In addition, if these 10 magical strands of DNA weren’t enough, humans also only make use of around 3% of their 2 strands of double helix DNA.

Humans in ancient times were able to connect with their spiritual selves and accomplish feats that humans today can only imagine, and according to scientists, this was all because a relatively large portion of their DNA was activated. One can only imagine what humans in today’s day and age would be able to do is a larger portion of their DNA was activated and if even a few of their 10 extra strands of DNA were woken up from their deep slumber.

DNA activation is a process that has been specifically tailored to target and activate any and all DNA in the human body that is asleep and is not at the disposal of the body. This process uses methods such as energy healing, healing with God and a number of other methods to activate the dormant DNA that a person has in every single cell of their body. Elders believe that the only way for a person to activate the dormant DNA in their body is to go into seclusion and meditate for years and years on end. However, if performed correctly, DNA activation is a much quicker, more efficient and much more effective way of awakening the dormant DNA in a person’s body.

what is theta healing

What is theta healing?

ThetaHealing is not something new. Theta Healing is a method of healing with God. It’s a simple technique, simple enough for a child to do. Theta Healing involves becoming aware of yourself, your feelings and your thoughts. In theta healing you use that awareness. and your free will to choose to transform your fears and doubts. Say you are feeling unworthy of winning the upcoming bake-off contest. That feeling can be instantly transformed through connecting with God, by your own free will, and choice, simply by recognizing and discovering where that feeling came from.

In doing ThetaHealing you are able to use the Theta brainwave similar to that used in hypnosis or meditation, to easily access your subconscious or unconscious mind, where all your memories and feelings are stored. In ThetaHealing when you do this easily effortlessly, you recognize where the feeling or belief came from. Then you can use Theta Healing and the theta brainwave to connect with God in an instant, and give God permission to make positive changes in the erroneous feeling and belief.

In Theta healing you discover some feelings in can go very deep. They can even be passed down through generations in a cellular memory through your DNA. In doing Theta Healing you are working on four different levels of existence, where these feelings and beliefs get stored in your DNA and cellular memory. In theta healing you have the opportunity to see this and consciously choose to work with God to make positive changes in it on all levels forever. It’s a simple fast method you can use everywhere at any time to take charge of your life and positive permanent change

My very first personal Theta healing

Personal Profile-01-31-2015-11-10-09by Kara

My very first personal theta healing was many years ago, before iI even knew what theta healing was. I was at that time 40 years old and bulimic. I believed that nobody knew. What I didn’t know was that my body was being starved of all the essential vitamins  and minerals that it desperately needed. The actual amount of food that I was digesting and assimilating was almost nothing. This went on for several years. I wasn’t aware of the damage that it was doing to my skin, my hair and my internal organs. It was in my desperation that II connected with Creator and made the command that I am no longer bulimic! It was not until two months later I had the realization that I was no longer bulimic. I wasn’t aware of all the damage that had been done, not just physically emotionally mentally and spiritually, which were the underlying reasons that it started. I still had much healing to do. I had traumatized my body, forcing it to do something that it did not want to do, nor was it meant to do.

Several years later still having unresolved Inner issues, I went on the Atkins diet. I was working out rigorously 7 days a week with a trainer and doing daily aerobic classes. My trainer kept telling me that I was very weak, and that I wasn’t developing muscles. My diet consisted strictly of meats and fats. I still was not getting any vitamins or minerals.

I guess you could say I’ve spent most of my adult life going from one extreme diet to another in hopes of looking like a magazine cover girl, and to look good in current clothing styles. At that time, what it was costing me, I was pretty oblivious to.

Then my daughter confronted me, and asked me whether I was bulimic. I venomously denied it, unaware that I was causing her to deny what she had witnessed and seen within herself. Essentially I was unaware of the impact that I was having on my children and the impressions they were picking up about food,  and their relationship to it. It was not until my daughter was an adult she confided in me that she too was Bulimic. My grown son is also dealing with his own food issues, and eating disorder. It is one that is most common in the United States, over consumption, and particularly of sugar.  This is one of the most critical health issues in the US at this time causing a multitude of health conditions.

All the diets, pills and exercise, do not address the underlying inner issues that have brought the individual their current state of ill health. At some point the soul will demand attention in one form of illness or another, whether it be emotional disorders, mental disorders or physical disorders in order to bring attention to what is needed to bring that down to the mind and body.

At  some point the body mind connection fails to function as it is meant to. That is where DNA Theta Healing has The tools and ability to shift the fears, lack of self-esteem and self-worth issues that caused the breakdown in the mind and body.

Through doing DNA Theta Healing, true and complete healing and transformation of old unneeded beliefs and fears can be shifted to allow for greater self worth, self esteem and complete total healing, without spending years in therapy, and in a matter of moments, The person being healed is able to feel and witness positive changes occurring.


what is dna theta healing

How does Theta Healing help?

So many people believe God doesn’t care about them. They believe if God cared, they would not be suffering so much. They say, “God is so powerful and capable of changing anything. Why won’t God help me with this?”

“If God cared, God would help me.”

I always respond saying, “There are no unanswered prayers.” “God answers EVERY prayer! Do you hear the answer? How often do you “LISTEN” to God? Do you doubt God’s answering? Doubt is like a wall put up between you and God. Do you fear what God might say? Do you fear deep within you may not be worthy of what you are asking for? These are some of the reasons we don’t hear or see an answer to our prayers.

God NEVER withholds love, compassion, support, nurturing, or anything your heart desires. God sees everything that happens with the potential for love, healing, new understanding and spiritual growth.

During Theta Healing you have the opportunity to commune with, and hear and feel God work within you.

During a Theta Healing session God communicates energetically directly to you and through you. The Theta Healing practitioner assists you by energetically making that clear connection to God, with your permission to assist you in having that pure connection yourself. The Theta Healing practitioner is acting as “witness” to the positive healing changes that occur as a result of your connection with God.

A popular method of testing that positive changes have occurred during the Theta Healing is called “muscle testing.” It can be done simply with using your thumb and finger. You will see it demonstrated in my video. “How this works is by the client repeating their negative limiting belief they feel during their session.” After the session is finished, the negative limiting belief is tested again. Where it tested as “strong” at the beginning of the session, at the end of the session it should test “weak.” This demonstrates the negative limiting belief has been changed by God, and replaced with God’s loving empowering truth in the client. The shift in the client is usually clearly felt inside them, in their mind and body.

The changes made during the session should create positive changes in their life with multiple ripple effects.

Depending on the issue, and it’s complexity, the client most often sees immediate positive results.

Theta Healing provides the client with a multitude of benefits that the client would likely not be exposed to in their normal daily life, an opportunity to commune with God and feel and experience the results immediately!