Happiness Is A Choice

Have you noticed no two days are “exactly” the same? In fact no two “moments” are exactly the same. This is because they hold life force potential of Universal unlimited energy of the Creator.

There by making “ALL things POSSIBLE.” There is one little catch….. you must believe it. Your mind believes your doubts and fears, and creates from the context of that framework.

This is where DNA Theta Healing comes in. There is a way, an ancient method, rediscovered here on our time. This method of recognizing those doubts, fears and limitations in your mind, and “choosing” to heal and change them, replacing them with Creator’s empowering, unlimited true understanding of the TRUTH.

Many people choose rather to try and ignore those feelings, they know are there, as to sweep them under the rug. Yes, you can this, and for as much as you like, even lifetimes, but not without repercussion, not punishment. Simply law of attraction. That which you believe even fear you attract. Therefore, better to unearth those feelings and fears you’ve buried, and trade them in. Let Creator replace them forever with loving positive healing feelings and beliefs.

NO JOB IS TOO BIG for CREATOR TO HANDLE! Creator’s love is unlimited and unending, and completely available for you now and ALL-WAYS! Experience it NOW! You can call and receive a FREE unconditional love healing from Creator, not me 🙂 no strings  attached. Everyone deserves and is worthy of knowing what Creator’s unconditional love feels like….