My very first personal Theta healing

Personal Profile-01-31-2015-11-10-09by Kara

My very first personal theta healing was many years ago, before iI even knew what theta healing was. I was at that time 40 years old and bulimic. I believed that nobody knew. What I didn’t know was that my body was being starved of all the essential vitamins  and minerals that it desperately needed. The actual amount of food that I was digesting and assimilating was almost nothing. This went on for several years. I wasn’t aware of the damage that it was doing to my skin, my hair and my internal organs. It was in my desperation that II connected with Creator and made the command that I am no longer bulimic! It was not until two months later I had the realization that I was no longer bulimic. I wasn’t aware of all the damage that had been done, not just physically emotionally mentally and spiritually, which were the underlying reasons that it started. I still had much healing to do. I had traumatized my body, forcing it to do something that it did not want to do, nor was it meant to do.

Several years later still having unresolved Inner issues, I went on the Atkins diet. I was working out rigorously 7 days a week with a trainer and doing daily aerobic classes. My trainer kept telling me that I was very weak, and that I wasn’t developing muscles. My diet consisted strictly of meats and fats. I still was not getting any vitamins or minerals.

I guess you could say I’ve spent most of my adult life going from one extreme diet to another in hopes of looking like a magazine cover girl, and to look good in current clothing styles. At that time, what it was costing me, I was pretty oblivious to.

Then my daughter confronted me, and asked me whether I was bulimic. I venomously denied it, unaware that I was causing her to deny what she had witnessed and seen within herself. Essentially I was unaware of the impact that I was having on my children and the impressions they were picking up about food,  and their relationship to it. It was not until my daughter was an adult she confided in me that she too was Bulimic. My grown son is also dealing with his own food issues, and eating disorder. It is one that is most common in the United States, over consumption, and particularly of sugar.  This is one of the most critical health issues in the US at this time causing a multitude of health conditions.

All the diets, pills and exercise, do not address the underlying inner issues that have brought the individual their current state of ill health. At some point the soul will demand attention in one form of illness or another, whether it be emotional disorders, mental disorders or physical disorders in order to bring attention to what is needed to bring that down to the mind and body.

At  some point the body mind connection fails to function as it is meant to. That is where DNA Theta Healing has The tools and ability to shift the fears, lack of self-esteem and self-worth issues that caused the breakdown in the mind and body.

Through doing DNA Theta Healing, true and complete healing and transformation of old unneeded beliefs and fears can be shifted to allow for greater self worth, self esteem and complete total healing, without spending years in therapy, and in a matter of moments, The person being healed is able to feel and witness positive changes occurring.