What is DNA Activation?

theta healing It is a scientific fact that the average human is completely incapable of unlocking their true potential and pushing their body to its true limit. For example, the average human has considerably more strength than is needed to lift a vehicle that weighs roughly one ton. However, the mind locks the body’s true potential, leaving humans incapable of demonstrating the true degree and extent of their strength. Likewise, the human mind also functions at only a small portion of the speed, efficiency and power that it could actually function on had its utmost potential been unlocked. It should not at all be hard for a person to believe that their true potential is locked, arguably for the better, by their DNA.

The basic blueprint of human life, DNA, is what inhibits humans from realizing their true potential. However, there is now a way which humans can use to activate their true potential by in point of fact changing the very basis of their being, their DNA. The process that can help a person expand their creative potential drastically, the process that can be used to achieve greatness by permanently altering a person’s DNA, is known as DNA activation.

Also sometimes referred to as theta healing or DNA theta healing, this process is used to activate the dormant strands of DNA that all humans have. While almost every person knows that every cell in the human body has 2 strands of double helix DNA, what most people do not know is that all humans also have 10 extra strands of DNA that have apparently been dormant for many centuries now. According to scientists, these extra strands of DNA contain codes and potential that, if unlocked, would enable humans to accomplish superhuman feats and do things that are widely considered to be impossible. In addition, if these 10 magical strands of DNA weren’t enough, humans also only make use of around 3% of their 2 strands of double helix DNA.

Humans in ancient times were able to connect with their spiritual selves and accomplish feats that humans today can only imagine, and according to scientists, this was all because a relatively large portion of their DNA was activated. One can only imagine what humans in today’s day and age would be able to do is a larger portion of their DNA was activated and if even a few of their 10 extra strands of DNA were woken up from their deep slumber.

DNA activation is a process that has been specifically tailored to target and activate any and all DNA in the human body that is asleep and is not at the disposal of the body. This process uses methods such as energy healing, healing with God and a number of other methods to activate the dormant DNA that a person has in every single cell of their body. Elders believe that the only way for a person to activate the dormant DNA in their body is to go into seclusion and meditate for years and years on end. However, if performed correctly, DNA activation is a much quicker, more efficient and much more effective way of awakening the dormant DNA in a person’s body.