What is theta healing?

ThetaHealing is not something new. Theta Healing is a method of healing with God. It’s a simple technique, simple enough for a child to do. Theta Healing involves becoming aware of yourself, your feelings and your thoughts. In theta healing you use that awareness. and your free will to choose to transform your fears and doubts. Say you are feeling unworthy of winning the upcoming bake-off contest. That feeling can be instantly transformed through connecting with God, by your own free will, and choice, simply by recognizing and discovering where that feeling came from.

In doing ThetaHealing you are able to use the Theta brainwave similar to that used in hypnosis or meditation, to easily access your subconscious or unconscious mind, where all your memories and feelings are stored. In ThetaHealing when you do this easily effortlessly, you recognize where the feeling or belief came from. Then you can use Theta Healing and the theta brainwave to connect with God in an instant, and give God permission to make positive changes in the erroneous feeling and belief.

In Theta healing you discover some feelings in can go very deep. They can even be passed down through generations in a cellular memory through your DNA. In doing Theta Healing you are working on four different levels of existence, where these feelings and beliefs get stored in your DNA and cellular memory. In theta healing you have the opportunity to see this and consciously choose to work with God to make positive changes in it on all levels forever. It’s a simple fast method you can use everywhere at any time to take charge of your life and positive permanent change